APIPA 2009
APIPA 2009

Conference Course Material


Building and Maintaining a Strong Workforce in Tough Times
Bob Lavigna (4 hours, Friday Afternoon)

Maintaining Ethics and Accountability in Government
Marion Higa (4 hours, Tuesday morning)


Effective Audit Report Writing
Mary Beth Saenz (8 hours, Wednesday)

Emerging Issues in Governmental Audit Standards
Stephen Morgan (4 Hours, Monday Afternoon)

Fraud in Government
Frank Crawford (4 hours, Friday Morning)

Risk-Based Performance Audits Project Planning
Stephen Morgan (8 hours, Thursday)

Statistical Sampling for Auditors  - [Solutions]
Jeanne Yamamura (4 hours, Tuesday Afternoon)


Auditing Performance Management Systems
Stephen Morgan (4 Hours, Tuesday Afternoon)

Critical Thinking Skills for Auditors
Mary Beth Saenz (4 hours, Monday afternoon)

Fraud in Government
Frank Crawford (4 hours, Friday morning)

Getting an Audit from Project Initiatiion Out the Door: Internal Controls & Tips for Ourselves
Marion Higa (8 hours, Wednesday)

Meeting the Challenge: Attacting and Retaining a World-Class Work Force
Bob Lavigna (8 hours, Thursday)


Common Single Audit Findings in the Islands
Frank Crawford (4 hours, Tuesday morning)

Protecting Your Procurement Dollars from Fraud, Waste, and Abuse
Rob Knox (8 hours, Wednesday)

Government Accounting Standards Update
Frank Crawford (4 hours, Monday afternoon)

Implementing Performance-Based Management and Budgeting
Stephen Morgan (4 hours, Friday Morning)

Single Audit & A-133: A Case Study; and Government Performeter Updates
Frank Crawford (8 hours, Thursday)


Federal Grants Financial Management Compliance
Mary Beth Saenz (4 hours, Tuesday Afternoon)

How to Read Financial Statements and Disclosures
Frank Crawford (8 hours, Wednesday)

Implementing Performance-Based Management and Budgeting
Stephen Morgan (4 hours, Friday Morning)

Procurement and Financial Assistance - Understanding the Risks Associated with Utilizing ARRA Stimulus Funds
Rob Knox (8 hours, Thursday)

Weathering the Financial Storm; Evaluating Financial Performance
Jeanne Yamamura (4 hours, Monday)

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